{CAPO optional on 2}
´╗┐Em9 020002                        C
 This song is a letter sung, to a special friend of mine
G                                       D 
 One who stopped his singing, somewhere back along the line 
E9                                    C 
 I wondered if he'd had enough of the rip-offs and the jive 
G                                    D 
 Did he sing his song one night, and lose the will to write 
E9                                   C 
 Its never been a business deal, the thing with his guitar 
G                                    D 
 Seems more like a dance he did deep down inside the heart 
C                                         G 
 Tonight I wonder if it's true, like we felt it at the start 
   D            D6                    Em7
An artist truly does it best, when he does it from the heart 
C                                         G 
 Seems to be much more than art, when the art you sell is you 
    D               D6                Em7 
 Be careful how you play the game, or else the game plays you 

E9                                      C 
 In the old days wed stay up all night, laugh until we cried 
G                                   D 
 WeSaidTheSongsDontBelongToUs WeJustBring SomeThoughts ToLight 
E9                                      C 
 The rule of thumb must never give, the truth away to rhyme 
G                                          D 
 a man cant lie when he tries to sing it betrays him everytime 
C                               G 
 We really write to understand, more about ourselves 
          D           D6          Em7 
 If we're lucky maybe then, we'll touch somebody else 
E9                                           C 
 I just GotBack from Europe friend WhereThey HungOn every word 
G                                      D 
 made me feel a little better about my chosen line of work 
E9                               C 
 They asked me if I knew if you, wrote a lot these days 
G                                  D 
 I told'em all I know is that, you rarely ever play 
E9                                     C 
 We start out singing what we like we give it all away 
G                                   D 
 wind up hating what we play and go begging to be paid 
C                                     G 
 An artist must decide which parts to leave in and take out 
    D               D6                   Em7 
 AndIf he no longer plays the game thats what the games about 
C                              G 
 Let me say in closing friend    I want you to know 
  D              D6              Em7 
I understand how hard it was, to let your music go